Peter Nielsen
Peter's Story
Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Peter was surrounded by an Italian family that loved to cook Italian pasta's, desserts and foods that had excessive amounts of unhealthy fats, but
at the age of 15, Nielsen was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and weighed a mere 86 pounds.
Very little was known about Crohn's Disease in 1977 and even doctors were at a loss to tell his family how to fend off the crippling attacks of abdominal pain and bleeding, not to mention malnutrition and all of the other ailments caused by poor nutrient absorption. Nielsen was weakened by surgery and the disease, discouraged by his prognosis, and to top it all off he was overwhelmed-especially considering all of the usual obstacles teenagers have to face. The writing on the wall seemed to say that Nielsen's life was going to be a limited one. Yet he astonished his family, friends and doctors.
A pivotal period of soul searching revealed truths to Peter that transformed his attitude toward his health, his body and especially his life. This is the foundation of Nielsen's message of health, fitness and personal power that audiences have come to crave. Understanding physical, mental and daily life challenges, Peter is able to connect with people on every level and his personal triumphs motivate even the most non motivated person. Nielsen studied nutrition and exercise: he worked with his doctors to create an overall package of health and fitness that became a lifestyle. So began the dedication to health, fitness and lifestyle that propelled him to the top of the world of body building, earning Nielsen titles like Mr. International Universe, Mr. World and well over 50 others. He went on to become the first National Bodybuilder selected for Collector's trading cards.
Nielsen's success as a health and fitness expert led to numerous local and national television and radio appearances including being on NBC's affiliate station in Detroit for the past 20 years.
March, 2009 Peter Nielsen made a decision to join the ABC Affiliate Family; WXYZ Channel 7.
His personal health battles led to an Emmy Award-winning human interest documentary, followed by Nielsen's own nationally syndicated series, Peter's Principles. The show is complimented by Peter's Principles news and radio vignettes. Peter's mission is to share his message with everyone from the sickest child to the healthiest adults, from the obese to athletic superstars and everyone in between.
As the author of several books, including Growing Up Strong, Will of Iron and his latest book Guide to a Healthier Life,
Nielsen plans to continue to share his knowledge with readers and looks forward to starting on a new book on nutritional foods, recipes and cooking healthy meals. Throughout the years, Peter has been awarded titles like Trainer of the Year, America's Top Personal Trainer and Best Training Club in the Country. Nielsen is a contributing writer in many local and national health related magazines and newspaper columns. Peter's fitness video Basic Training is the start of many that he intends to create in unison with the syndicated series. The fitness videos will include one of the topics from the 1/2 hr TV series Peter's Principles as a bonus to show not only workouts that can be done at home, but the need to work with your doctor and much needed help with nutritional information. Topics such as Lifestyle Makeovers, Breaking Through the Barriers, Beating Youth Obesity, Seniors and Fitness, Living with I-B-D, Crohn's and Colitis, Golf and Fitness, Pre-natal & Post-partum Health, Your Heart Health, Run for Your Life, Handling the Holiday Pounds, Arthritis Myths and Facts, Cutting Pounds and Inches, Handling Your Stress, Allergies, and Diabetes are just the start of the topics Peter has covered.

Peter Nielsen
As Peter continues to fulfill his dream to motivate and educate America and abroad about fitness and health, he has been blessed to work with other organizations and companies that also want to make a difference in lives of people all around the world. Peter's passion for helping children started a new program that allows Peter to visit schools throughout the year to educate and motivate our future, the children of today. In keeping with the philosophy of Fitness Simple and Fun Peter invites one child from each school to appear on his syndicated TV series. A partnership with Detroit Medical Center's enables Peter to have access to the latest medical technologies that he shares with viewers; it also allows for surprise visits to the hospitals patients. When you see Peter, he will always take the time to say hello, sign autographs, answer questions or to just listen to what someone would like to say. Giving back,
Peter has become a Celebrity Spokesperson for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America
and he works with patients and doctors to help in any way that he can. You can listen to Peter on WJR Radio station. Peter also writes numerous articles for different publications.
Peter NielsenNielsen vows to continue to help as many people as possible and to enjoy the moment of each and every day. We would like to thank all of the people that help to make this mission possible.