High blood pressure is a common health problem that leads to a variety of other heart conditions. Effective treatments can control those problems, but you can also help yourself with a sensible fitness regimen.

Exercise and proper diet play an essential part. Weight training is a central part of a wellness program, but causes your blood pressure to soar! In fact, during a workout blood pressure can nearly double! This naturally causes concern, but before you put down the weights … consider this! The blood pressure increase during a workout doesn’t persist afterwards. In fact just the opposite is true! Weight training is good for blood pressure in the long run and carries over to every day life. For instance, if you workout regularly, your blood pressure will stay down when you do things like mow the lawn or carry groceries.

Check with your doctor before beginning a new exercise program. Keep in mind, there are very few examples of strokes or heart attacks while folks are engaging in a sensible workout program!