It’s a common scenario, you’re eating right and exercising but can’t seem to lose weight. What’s wrong?

  • The first question is, what are you eating? There are some foods out there that you may think are healthy, but are actually packed with sugar and fat.
  • First up, granola bars. Many are dipped in sugar or chocolate. Try making your own trail mix with nuts, unsweetened fruit and whole grain cereal.
  • Next-pretzels. This snack is nutritionally empty. Sure they have less fat than chips, but they’re still full of calories and salt! If you can’t resist, try picking up a whole wheat, unsalted brand.
  • Finally-rice cakes! Yep that‘s right-even though they’re low fat, low cholesterol, they have no nutritional value. To boost them up, try adding hummus or sliced veggies on top.

Healthy eating is a two-sided situation:  Don’t eat the bad stuff and Do eat the good stuff!