Stroke Recovery and Treatment

Nearly 15,000,000 people around the world have a stroke every year. Recently, two major studies discovered treating patients quickly for mini-strokes could dramatically cut their risk of a major stroke. read more [...]

Understanding the Core

Core exercises offer what is called ‘static and dynamic stability.’ Static stability refers to posture and balance,while dynamic stability refers to flexibility, strength, endurance and cardio-vascular. So what are the benefits of including the core in your workouts? read more [...]

Sweat Equity

More than fifty million Americans are affected by hypertension. It can lead to a laundry list of dangerous health conditions, including heart disease and stroke! The good news is that you can usually take care of the problem with the right diet and just a little bit of exercise. read more [...]

Getting Fit for Summer Sports

Spring fever has hit! That means many of you are looking forward to heading outside to hit the golf course, the basketball court, the baseball or soccer field. But before you step one foot out on the green, court or field are you ready? Yes I know you’re ready mentally, but what about physically? Are you in shape for summer sports? This is very important especially for people who have been cooped up inside all winter.

Start an Exercise Program-Now! The first thing you need to do before you participate in any sport is make sure you are working out on a regular basis.

read more [...]